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LA Voice recently joined forces with Univision and NALEO to launch a Citizenship Campaign which aims at helping at least 1 million Los Angeles Residents begin the process to become a US Citizen.

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Housing Crisis: Blessed Sacrament

On July 16, 2007 LA Voice hosted a Town Hall Meeting with over 1,000 community members at Blessed Sacrament Church in Hollywood that addressed the housing crisis in Los Angeles.

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Housing Crisis: St. Agatha’s

Hundreds of community leaders met December 9, 2007 at St. Agatha’s Church for the third Housing Town Hall Meeting. So far, three City Councilmembers have signed the pledge.

Housing Crisis: St. Odilia’s

On November 29, 2007 LA Voice leaders and members of the community of South Los Angeles gathered at St. Odilia’s Church to confront City Officials about the housing crisis.

New Citizens Get Out The Vote!

LA Voice Citizenship students knocked on the doors of 1,000 residents in East Los Angeles, to urge their community to Get Out and Vote in the primary election.

Housing Press Conference

On the steps of City Hall this Tuesday, March 5th, 2008 one hundred supporters from different organizations, clergy housing advocates, business and labor officials from across the city gathered to urge Los Angeles to build and preserve affordable housing.

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A New Vision in Ramona Gardens

On June 4th over 300 LA Voice community residents of Ramona Gardens gathered to share with City Officials, their plan for change in their community.  In attendance at the meeting was Gang Reduction & Youth Development  Director, Jeff Carr, LAUSD Board President Monica Garcia, and Housing Services Director Sanford Riggs.                                    

Violence Prevention

Kitty Felde of KPCC 89.3 visited the LA Voice offices during our monthly potluck. She spent some time with LA Voice leader, Humberto Sanchez and organizer Yanira Rivas to learn about our work. Click on the picture of Humberto to listen to the coverage.

Meet Humberto Sanchez

Leadership Development

Health Reform


the “Faces of Health Reform”

The month of August 2009 marked an important fight for healthcare reform in this country. LA Voice leaders joined thousands of their colleagues nationwide through the PICO National Network to demonstrate the urgency of this issue to our elected officials. LA Voice leaders participated in health rallies, had a phone call with President Barack Obama, and delivered letters and messages to congressmen and women reminding them that “there is no recess for health insurance reform” this month. Click on the image to catch some media coverage of LA Voice’s work on health reform.

Immigration Reform

The Fight for

Comprehensive Immigration Reform

June 6, marked an important moment for LA Voice. Leaders of IKAR, a Jewish synagogue on the Westside of Los Angeles hosted a rally in simultaneous action with 5 other cities across California to demonstrate support for comprehensive immigration reform. Leaders from all parts of Los Angeles, Orange County, and Long Beach came together to demonstrate a firm commitment to fight for reform.  Throughout the room were images remembering the Jewish immigrant journey to America. Click the picture to see coverage of the event.

“Our Money, Our Values”

Across the screens at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church, the message was clear: “Our Money, Our Values”. LA Voice residents across the city are calling on public officials to stand with small businesses and families in foreclosure--and ask banks to re-invest in the communities that invest in them. On Monday, November 8, 2010, LA Voice took an important first step towards holding banks accountable by rallying with 800 Angelenos for support of the Responsible Bank Initiative, an ordinance that would assign a community investment grading system for banks that do business with the City of Los Angeles. 

Click the picture for coverage of the event.

Food Justice

Access To Healthy Foods in LA

LA Voice leaders in Ramona Gardens at Sta. Teresita Catholic Church uncovered the lack of access to fresh fruits and vegetables in their neighborhood as a barrier to healthy living in their community. After conducting over 200 surveys, leaders found that transportation to the market is a key hurdle for families. They created a campaign to address this issue with Superior Market, who provides a shuttle service that could potentially serve hundreds of families in Ramona. Click the picture to learn more about their campaign and see coverage from their recent actions. 

Fair Towing Policies

Fair Treatment for Vulnerable Communities

LA Voice celebrated the announcement by LAPD Chief Charlie Beck’s decision to ease the burden on immigrant families by revising the law enforced at checkpoints in Los Angeles. Under the new policy, families will be given the opportunity to avoid having their cars towed and allowed reasonable time to find someone else to drive their car home. The law only applies at sobriety checkpoints and only if the driver isn’t drunk or otherwise wanted by the police. LA Voice leaders led this fight in the city and were proud to be interviewed at the press conference Monday, March 14 as officials announced the new policy.

Click the picture for media coverage of the event.

Congregations DIVEST

LA Voice clergy stood together in front of Bank of America Tuesday November 1st and made announcements to the press that  collectively, they were going to divest over 200 years of service and more than $2 million dollars out of Bank of America and Wells Fargo. They were joined by Van Jones co-founder of Rebuild the Dream and acted as a part of the New Bottom Line’s MOVE OUR MONEY campaign.

As a part of a larger movement to hold big banks accountable, clergy are divesting and pushing city council to pass the Responsible Banking Ordinance. Click the picture for coverage of the event.

Bank Accountability