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LA Voice PICO is a non-partisan organization that does not support, endorse or oppose candidates or political parties. PICO is not aligned with any political party and works with Republicans, Democrats and Independents to promote policies that strengthen families and improve quality of life in communities.  We encourage people of faith to consult and study the policy positions and teachings of their own faith traditions on health care and other important issues.

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"If we vote yes on Proposition 30, we will be asking the rich to share the money they have gained from the suffering of the poor. "
-Fr. Margarito, Our Lady of Talpa
Get out the VOTE!

We have a choice in November.

Join teams of LA Voice leaders and volunteer to RECLAIM CALIFORNIA’S FUTURE!

Starting August 28, 2012,

LA Voice will be launching voter engagement efforts in congregations across the city.

Join us! Sign up to volunteer TODAY!
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